A Guide to Lawn Fertilization


For a greener lawn, fertilization is very important. With the use of the right fertilizer, you can improve the health of your lawn’s root system and make the grass more resistant to weeds and drought. And, you can upgrade the appearance of your lawn.

Fertilization, like any other lawn care service, shows results only when done in the right way and time. You should special attention to these factors for lawn fertilization as they impact the effectiveness and the overall health of your grass. If you neglect them, the things will not be good for your lawn.

In this post, we will discuss the best time to fertilize the lawn and ways to apply the fertilizer.

Frequency of applying fertilizer in your lawn

In an entire year, you should spread fertilizers 6 times on your lawn.

  • First- In the early spring
  • Second- In the late spring
  • Third- In the mid-summer
  • Fourth- In the early fall
  • Fifth- In the late fall
  • Sixth and rarely- In the winter

Rest, it depends on the season, condition, and requirement of the lawn in a year. The frequency of fertilization may increase or decrease.

Ways to apply fertilizer to your lawn

For applying fertilizer in spring 

Fertilizers are applied twice in spring which boosts the growth of the turf. First, a post-emergent is applied to kill the germinated weeds and second, a pre-emergent is applied to prevent the weeds from germinating in the summer.

For applying in the mid-summer

As pre-emergent fertilizer is already applied, you should use a light fertilizer to promote color and growth through the rough summer. It will keep your lawn green and free from weeds.

For applying in the fall

At this time, fertilizers are applied in conjunction with seeded to promote seed germination and take care of weeds that pop up in the fall.

For applying in the winter

It’s rarely required because grasses and other plants do not grow well in the winter season. But to maintain the color and health of your lawn throughout the cold months, you should fertilize your lawn once in the colder months.

Hire professionals for lawn fertilization

People think lawn fertilization is all about spreading good quality fertilizer so they often try doing it by themselves. But they forget that there are many other things to consider and challenges to overcome.

One of the biggest challenges in tackling fertilization is spraying the weeds that have already popped up. And the most important point to consider is the time of the day to apply fertilizer to the lawn.

To avoid any complication in or during lawn fertilization, you should hire professionals, providing lawn care services in Florida. They have the right tool and follow the right technique for lawn fertilization.

Before hiring professionals for lawn care services, you should make sure they are experienced and reputable in the market.

With the help of this lawn fertilization guide, you should schedule your fertilizer program and hire professionals to complete it successfully.

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