Common Signs That Your Water Sprinkle System Needs Repair and Maintenance


Effective and reliable water management and irrigation system is the key to maintain a lively, healthy, and green lawn. There are many ways to provide substantial hydration to your plants and lawn grass, but nothing can beat sprinkler systems when it comes to efficient and sustainable irrigation solutions.

Installing a sprinkler system in your lawn is not everything; you need to keep it up and running at its 100% capacity for efficient and effective performance. A broken or underperforming sprinkler system can be very frustrating, time-consuming, and costly. So, how to identify that your water system in your lawn is not performing well or has stopped working? Here are some common signs that the sprinkler system in your lawn is on the fritz and requires repair and maintenance.

Leakage in your system

The most common sprinkler system issue is the leakage in the pipes running underground. It reduces the water efficiency as the water is escaping the pipes before reaching sprinkler heads.

Faulty control valves

Control valves are the key elements of your water sprinkler system. They help you control and manage water delivery in the right amount to each area on your lawn. If you notice some dry or brown patches of grass or overwatered area in the lawn, then your control valves might be broken.

Uneven pressure

Having the right level of water pressure is essential to maintain sufficient reach. Too little or too much pressure on the sprinkler head can be problematic and a sign of malfunction in your system. It could cause no water or flooding situation in your lawn. Too much pressure in your water system can damage the system that leads to a more costly repair.

Coughing or unusual sound from sprinkler heads

Sprinkler heads rotate and make noise while releasing and delivering water in all areas of your lawn. But, if you notice any unusual sound or sprinkler heads are missing the right target then there might be an issue. A bad or broken valve, cracked head, or uneven pressure issue can lead to this problem.

These issues can result in uneven watering in your lawn and high water bills. You need to fix them as soon as you notice these signs. In case of leakage in your water system, you need to find the leak first. There could be a leakage in the section of pipes if:

  • Water is spouting out of a section
  • Water is bubbling up from the soil in one part of your lawn
  • There is flooding or pooling in some area
  • A particular sprinkler head is not releasing water

Common fixes and solutions to repair broken or underperforming sprinkler system

  • Cleaning clogged pipes and sprinkler heads
  • Replacing faulty control valves
  • Replacing cracked or faulty sprinkler heads
  • Checking and fixing water pressure

Fixing your sprinkler system on your own using DIY methods can be very challenging. It may add up to your problem and lead to more costly repair and maintenance work if something goes wrong. It is why you should hire a professional irrigation service provider in your region for expert solutions. If you live in Florida, USA, and looking for Sprinkler System Repair in Celebration and nearby regions, contact us at Comprehensive Irrigation and Lawn Services for personalized and custom solutions. We offer a complete range of irrigation solutions at affordable rates with a warranty on our services and products.

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