Everything to Know About Pop-Up Sprinkler Head


If you have an automatic sprinkler system installed in your garden, then you should very particular about the sprinkler head. People think sprinkler is just about the creativity of the manufacturers which enhances the look of the garden during irrigation. And has nothing to do with the functionality. But that’s not true.

Different types of sprinkler heads have different functionality and play an important role in saving water, money, and energy. So, you should determine your requirements and select h the right sprinkler head based on the same.

In this post, we will discuss the pop-up sprinkler, which is one of the most common sprinkler heads installed by the homeowners.

What is a pop-up sprinkler head?

As the name suggests, this sprinkler head category pops out of the ground to irrigate the area. It uses water pressure to push up the center shaft which connects to the nozzle that sprays water. It’s easy to slide the center shaft up and down using the rubber seal. The nozzle attached to the head either regularly sprays a fan of water or spray in small streams by rotating slowly.

Advantages of the Pop-up sprinkler head

  • As compared to other sprinkler head options, the pop-up sprinkler head is cheap and easy to use.
  • The best thing about a pop-up sprinkler head is that it can be connected to all kinds of sprinkler pipes.
  • The use of a rubber seal in the head makes it easy to raise or lower the shaft and adjust according to your requirement.
  • The nozzles used can be interchanged throughout most sprinkler heads.
  • Due to the low profile of the pop-up sprinkler head, it is installed underground which saves a huge space.

The common problems of the pop-up sprinkler head 

Due to underground installation, the pop-up sprinkler head gets broken from being stepped on, ran over, chewed on, or due to severe weathering. Also, it suffers from frequent clogging.

  • The common problems and reasons for the same are:
  • If the pop-sprinkler head does not spray correctly, then the nozzle has broken or got clogged
  • If the rubber seal is coming out, then the sprinkler head might have stayed up after watering
  • If the water is coming out from anywhere else or from beneath the sprinkler, then the chances are that connection is broken.
  • If there is no or little water coming out of the sprinkler, then there is a clog in the system.
  • If the pressure across the head is low, then it can be a result of flow control on the valve.

How to repair the problems of a pop-up sprinkler head?

Most of the problems mentioned above are easy to solve by screwing and blowing up the debris. You should have the right control of the screwing tool to control the situation effectively and efficiently. Other than this, you might come across some problems that would require professionals for sprinkler system repair. You should not follow a DIY approach as it can be difficult and a bit expensive.

After reading the post, we hope it will be easy for you to make a decision when selecting a pop-up sprinkler head.

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