Irrigation Strategies to Keep Your Florida Lawn Healthy

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Years ago, Florida was known as one of the USA’s wettest places. And as a result, the state was consistently lush, green, and vibrant and attracted millions of tourists every year. But recently, things have changed.

The climate here in Florida changes quickly from deluge to drought and back again. Due to frequent fluctuations, residents face water scarcity, which directly impacts the beauty of the state as the trees and shrubs do not get irrigated well.

According to a report, March 2020 was the driest month in Florida. The state received the minim rainfall and the same is expected years ahead. So the only solution to avoid water scarcity in Florida is water conversation. But the problem is how Florida’s landscape and lawns will survive and maintain their beauty.

In this post, we have discussed a few irrigation strategies for your Florida Lawn.

Irrigation while conserving water 

To fight the situation, the irrigation service providers in Florida are implementing different water-saving irrigation techniques. They are neither dependent on the climate nor making irrigation a seasonal process.

The three major water conversation practices carried out by homeowners and professionals for successful irrigation are drip irrigation, rain barrels, and smart irrigation.

A couple of years ago, these techniques were least commonly used. People in Florida practiced seasonal adjustments to irrigation times and used drought-tolerant plants. But the technological development and knowledge of the people mitigated over-use and waste while managing and maintaining greenery.

Other details related to irrigation 

Water requirement of healthy turf in a lawn 

In a peak season, healthy turf needs around 1 to 2 inches of water a week. For accurate measurement, you should use a rain gauge. It’s a tool for rainfall monitoring. You should measure the rainfall and make up the difference with your irrigation.

If you are not willing to purchase a rain gauge or are unable to use the tool properly, you should take help from an irrigation service professional.

Best time to irrigate your lawn 

There is a rule of thumb related to irrigation- Deep irrigation once or twice a week is much more effective than little irrigation seven days a week. The rule changes if the turf does not grow or get established in this case.

According to experts, you should water your lawn before 10 am, especially if the climate is hot because water just evaporates. At this time, the weather is cooler and the winds are calmer. Water gets soaked into the soil and absorbed by the grassroots before evaporating.


Defining irrigation strategies isn’t enough for achieving a healthy turf in your lawn. You can manage watering requirements and deliver healthy and green turf by monitoring the irrigation system. You should analyze the performance and make necessary changes with help of the irrigation service expert’s advice in Florida.

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