Lawn care tips for the Fall

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After the end of summer, you could have the temptation to pay less attention to lawn care now that the weather restricts you from getting some of it done. Taking care of your lawn during the fall not only allows it to recover from the stresses of the summer, but it can also prepare it for the spring. Time to get a head start and follow these tips to protect your lawn this fall.

Clear Up the Lawn

As the fall continues, you will have to deal with debris such as dead leaves, branches, twigs, and so much more. Leaving the lawn a cluttered mess will interfere with your other maintenance tasks. Also, all the debris can affect the health of your grass. Dead leaves can get wet and suffocate the plants. Clear your lawn from debris and clear it often. Here in Florida we have a special set of circumstances that might require additional care strategies due to various weather related instances.  It’s always best to be ahead of the curve and follow standard protocols.

Continue Mowing

If you have Grass in your yard, it will continue to grow during this time of the year, and you should continue to mow as the need arises. Most people don’t have the time to do some of the mowing, fertilizing and care of a large lawn and this is why Comprehensive Irrigation and Lawn Services, LLC is here to help you.  Mowing the lawn can also assist you in getting rid of dead leaves. As always, make sure you cut the grass tall and aim to only cut around one third from the top of the blades. As the season reaches the end, you can drop the blade to reach the lower grass, but still consider the one third limit. Avoid bagging the grass clippings so they can act as fertilizer and keep your grass healthy.

Continue Watering the Lawn

It’s easy to assume that the increase in moisture during the fall will provide enough water for the plants. Don’t take that risk, though, and continue to water your plants and grass as usual, especially during the earlier half of fall. During the latter half, make sure to disconnect and put away your watering equipment to avoid frozen pipes. If you need help on designing a complete strategy call us at

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Loosen the Soil

Even during the fall, your lawn can develop compacted soil or thatch. Even if your lawn doesn’t have that problem, it’s always a good idea to ensure that water, oxygen, and nutrients reach the soil. Aerate the soil to keep your lawn healthy going into the winter. Complete this step before fertilizing so the nutrients will reach the roots and benefit your grass immediately.

Seed the Area

Continue to spot for bare areas and spread seed over your lawn to fertilize your grass. Fall has the perfect weather for seeding, as the ground is still warm, but the nights are cool, and moisture retains easier. Still, make sure you spread the seed evenly throughout the yard and make sure that the seeds have plenty of water and moisture to grow in.

Fertilize Your Lawn

The fall is a perfect time for fertilizing, as even though the grass grows slower during this time, the grass roots and rhizomes continue to grow and develop as normal. The roots can still absorb nutrients and keep the plants healthy until the arrival of spring. In addition, only grass benefits from nutrients during this time, instead of the pests and weeds. During the later part of fall, use a low-nitrogen, slow-release fertilizer on your lawn. Keep the fertilizer away from waterways and clean up any fertilizer in your sidewalks.

Use these tips to take care of your lawn this fall so it can go through winter smoothly and start in an optimal state for next spring.

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